Executive Helicopter Charter

The 'Time Machine’

With fast flight times and executive comfort, our flying boardrooms will not only get you to your meeting efficiently but also allow you to work in comfort en route.

The Agusta 109 features elegant club seating with three forward facing and two rear facing seats, perfect for inflight discussions.

The Third Dimension

It can be difficult to meet busy key decision makers but an offer of a country house hotel lunch, travelling by luxury executive helicopter, can clinch the meeting and seal the deal.

Thinking in three dimensions really can make the difference. Think onward. Think upwards.

Jet Transfers

Tired of being herded around airports and being searched and prodded like cattle? Helicopter airport transfers allow you to land next to your private or corporate jet and board fuss free.

We can book jets for you at very competitive prices, see our Executive Jet Charter page for full details.